Attila Kapitanyi n his garden

Attila Kapitany

If you thought you knew about succulents, think again! Attila will put a new spin on growing, using and eating this diverse range of plants.

I am immediate past president of the Cactus & Succulent Society of Australia with 10 years in this position, and also currently editor of its journal. I have thirty years of experience growing and marketing cacti and succulents. I am also a prominent member of the Horticultural Media in Australia, writing regularly in magazines, journals and newspapers and promoting succulent plants.

I was co-founder and developer of the well-known Collectors Corner and Paradisia nurseries, where my interests focused on the breeding, cultivating and marketing of rare and unusual plants. I have travelled extensively to plant habitats around the world and had amassed possibly one of the largest collections of (mostly seed-raised) plants in Australia. Also, I have co-written seven books with Rudolf Schulz about succulents, with others as solo effort. My newest publications are a series of seven booklets on xerophytic Australia plants.
Since 2007 I have dedicated much of my time and resources to promoting our lesser known Australian succulent plants, touring the Australian speaking circuit regularly and featuring on television and radio.

This process is two fold, one being to introduce Australian plants to people, and secondly to encourage people to appreciate, then foster the desire to cultivate some in their gardens.


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