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Edible Eden Design – Silver award

An Urban Food Forest by Edible Eden Design won the Silver medal. Head Judge, Ian Barker of Ian Barker Designs said, “This garden showed great design and attention to detail. It portrayed great messages and was inspiring.”

In addition, the HMA award for Best Planting Design went to An Urban Food Forest by Edible Eden Design. Judge, Noelle Weatherley said, “This garden embodies the whole spirit of the show, growing, gardening and cooking.”

Co-Judge, Pam Vardy added, “The garden is achievable, ornamental, educational, diverse, edible and functional. It ticks all the boxes.”

Horticultural & Gardening Festival award winners

(L-R) Karen Sutherland, Ian Barker, Carolyn Priest, Ross Goodman


Display Garden


Our garden invites you into a haven from city life, a place to nurture yourself with home grown vegetables and fruit, herbal tea, honey and fresh eggs. Even a small city garden can grow a variety of food if designed properly with well-chosen plants.

Productive gardens are often hidden from view yet this garden celebrates the beauty in edible and useful plants.

The visitor is welcomed through raised timber beds filled with vegetables, herbs and strawberries – food growing on your boundary is a great way to engage with your neighbours. Castlemaine slate stepping stones lead into a cosy space with a fire-pit for relaxing by.

Edible Eden Design collage

The sunny side of the garden grows quirky serpentine apple trees with a colourful mix of tea herbs, edible flowers, salad greens and bee flowers all celebrating their place in the sun, with the bee hive ensuring good fruit set for the apples.

The shady side of the garden is just as productive with fragrant Lemon Myrtle, autumn fruiting Cherry Guavas and an Avocado tree at the back of the chicken run.

Castlemaine slate set in Dromana toppings allows rain into subsoil to reduce mains water usage. Rainwater for garden watering is collected in a tank with the overflow feeding an Edible Rain Garden filled with mints.

The happy house at the back of the garden looks out onto its own urban Eden, its cupboards full of gifts from the garden – bottled and dried fruits, tomato sauce, honey, olives and eggs.

Our garden shows what is achievable in an urban garden, that with the right advice and help it’s easy to grow fresh healthy food in an attractive garden.

Edible Eden Garden Plan

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