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Carolyn Priest – Gold Award winner!

Carolyn Priest’s One Gardener’s Journey is the Gold Medal winner of the inaugural Display Garden Awards in the Horticultural & Gardening Festival 2015.

Head Judge, Ian Barker of Ian Barker Designs said, “The garden has a design sophistication that would hold it’s own anywhere. The stories the designer told us were told so subtly that it takes time to find them, but if you do, you will be rewarded.”

Judge Ian Barker presenting Carolyn Priest with her Gold Award at the Horticultural & Gardening Festival 2015

Judge Ian Barker presenting Carolyn Priest with her Gold Award


More people gardening more often is a reality that I would like to witness as a passionate gardener and designer. Garden ideas abound and can be discovered in many places. Visit a beautiful established private or public garden. Talk with someone who currently gardens – no matter what their experience their enthusiasm is infectious!

The garden at this festival is the journey of one gardener and starts when they arrive home from the nursery with their young potted tree, packet of seeds and new gardening gloves. They believe in themselves and the products they have acquired. Their inspiration has been the pages of a book and they can feel the plant exploding from the pages. The journey is represented by the winding green trail of grasses (Lomandra). The water symbolizes reflection of the gardening process. A garden isn’t finished but continues to change with each season. As the gardener’s experience and confidence grows they explore and learn. The garden evolves and so does the gardener.

Carolyn Priest 1

Gardens are created in all different ways for all different reasons. This garden showcases plants that have been purpose bred by talented horticulturists. As experts in their field they are able to create new possibilities for us all to acquire and use in our own gardens. This gardener’s creation grows in time to become established with a mature version of the little potted tree at the back of the garden. Over the journey the gardener acquired many plants after those initial first purchases and now has a full and established garden. It is a legacy for future gardeners who will continue to garden in this space. Enjoy this garden and reflect on the gardening possibilities in your life.

Believe in yourself. Explore & learn. Create.

Carolyn Priest 2

Plant List

  • Anigozanthos
  • Banksia integrifolia ‘Coastal Beacons’
  • Banksia petiolaris
  • Casuarina glauca ‘Shagpile’
  • Corymbia maculata variegata ‘Ribbons of Hope’
  • Grevillea ‘Lemon Daze’
  • Groundcover – TBA
  • Lomandra ‘Lime Tuff’
  • Pimelea nivea ‘Snowy Pimelea’
  • Shrub (600 high) – TBA
  • Tristaniopsis laurina ‘Luscious’
  • Westringia ‘Deep Purple’
  • Westringia ‘Violet Skies’
  • Dichondra repens

Design plan Carolyn Priest


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