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Ben Harris entices gardeners

One of the five display gardens was ‘Gardener’s Creek’ by Ben Harris – this enticing garden with a cleverly created stream, looked like it was completely natural, and not crafted within days of the festival opening.

‘Gardener’s Creek’ is about being in the garden. It is about listening to the sounds of water rushing over pebbles and rocks. It is about watching and waiting for new flowers to bloom, and hearing the wind rustle leaves in a tree.

It is about caring for our plants, observing their growth and appreciating their life. And it is about lying on the grass, looking up at the clouds, and daydreaming.

Who hasn’t felt relaxed as soon as they’ve sat down next to a stream? We are naturally drawn to water, to hear it, to see it and to feel it. The movement and sound of a natural water feature is endlessly fascinating.

‘Gardener’s Creek’ uses this fascination to entice people out of their house, and into their garden. The simple act of working in a garden can be a very meditative experience. It encourages us to forget about our daily worries for a few moments, as we take the time to observe and care for our plants. It is good for our heart and our soul.

‘Gardener’s Creek’ combines the beauty of natural water features, with the joy of gardening.

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